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  • Canadian Excellence Research Chair in Genomic Medicine

    Ref: 3531


    • Montreal, Quebec
    Full description
  • Council Member

    Ref: 3610

    The Open University

    • Milton Keynes
    Full description
  • Dean, Erasmus School of Economics

    Ref: 3601

    Erasmus University Rotterdam

    • Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Full description
  • Deputy Chair (Teaching)

    Ref: 2543

    University of Sydney

    • Sydney, Australia
    Full description
  • Director of External Relations

    Ref: 3569

    University of East London

    • London
    Full description
  • Director of Undergraduate Medicine

    Ref: 3597

    University of Lincoln

    • Lincoln
    Full description
  • Director, Institute for Future Environments

    Ref: 35778

    Queensland University of Technology

    • Brisbane, Australia
    Full description
  • Elisabeth Murdoch Chair in Landscape Architecture

    Ref: 3007

    University of Melbourne

    • Melbourne, Australia
    Full description
  • Founding Dean

    Ref: 3570

    Kent and Medway Medical School

    • Kent
    Full description
  • Head of Business School

    Ref: 3584

    University of Worcester

    • Worcester
    Full description
  • Head of Campaigns UCD Foundation

    Ref: 3292

    UCD Foundation

    • Dublin
    Full description
  • Head of Department of Hospitality

    Ref: 3548

    University of Surrey

    • Surrey
    Full description
  • Head of Discipline, Electrical Power and Energy Systems

    Ref: 3563

    University of Technology Sydney

    • Sydney, Australia
    Full description
  • Head of Executive Education and Corporate Relations

    Ref: 3191

    Nottingham Business School

    • Nottingham
    Full description
  • Head of School, Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences

    Ref: 3579

    University of New South Wales

    • Sydney, Australia
    Full description
  • Head of School, Materials Science and Engineering

    Ref: 3598

    University of New South Wales

    • Sydney, Australia
    Full description
  • Medical Oncologist, GU Cancers, Division of Medical Oncology and Hematology

    Ref: 3152

    University Health Network

    • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Full description
  • Principal and Vice-Chancellor

    Ref: 3519

    Queen's University

    • Kingston, ON
    Full description
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, College of Social Sciences and International Studies

    Ref: 3568

    University of Exeter

    • Exeter
    Full description
  • Professor of Statistical Science

    Ref: 3526

    University of Glasgow

    • Glasgow
    Full description
  • Tier 1 Canada Research Chair (CRC)

    Ref: 3311

    University of British Columbia

    • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Full description
  • Two Lay Members of Council

    Ref: 3423

    Cardiff University

    • Cardiff
    Full description
  • University Secretary

    Ref: 3583

    University of Worcester

    • Worcester
    Full description